Update: Wild Pokemon now have different stats based on trainer level

April 21, 2017

Since the game's launch, wild Pokemon would always have the same personality values for all trainers. These values are:

  • Individual Values
  • Moveset
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Sex

When two trainers caught the same wild Pokemon, the only thing that could vary was the level (and thus CP) of the Pokemon. This has now been changed so that all of the above personality values will vary based on the trainer's level.

As an example, before the update, if a level 23 trainer encountered a Larvitar with Rock Smash as its quick move, a level 28 trainer encountering that same Larvitar will also get Rock Smash. Now, the Larvitar could have Bite instead for the level 28 player. Furthermore, this Larvitar will now have different IVs for the level 23 and level 28 trainers.

Preliminary evidence suggests that all trainers that are at least level 30 will encounter the same Pokemon. There are some reports that all trainers above level 25 will encounter the same IVs, moveset, etc., while the Pokemon's level will still vary up to trainer level 30.

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