Pokémon GO Plus Guide

December 10, 2016
Pokémon GO Plus
Release DateSeptember 16th 2016
OSiOS and Android
Size46 × 33 × 17.5 mm
Weight13g (including CR2032 battery)

Pokemon GO Plus is an optional Pokemon GO accessory developed by Nintendo.

It lets you catch Pokemon and spin PokeStops discretely, without having to look at your phone. It works even with the Pokémon GO app in the background or lock screen, allowing the app to track buddy and incubator distance as a background service.

Getting Started

To initially pair GO+ with Pokemon GO, turn on Bluetooth on your phone and press the GO+. It should flash white.

If it flashes blue, it's already paired with another device. Hold down GO+ until it glows a steady blue, let go, and hold again until it buzzes once (takes about 10 seconds total). Your GO+ is now reset.

If it flashes white, click on "Pokemon GO Plus" in Pokemon GO settings. Your GO+ should show up on the list. Select it and hope it pairs successfully. If not, see the troubleshoot section below.

After initial pairing, a GO+ symbol will pop up on top right of Pokemon GO. Press it when you need to reconnect with GO+, then click GO+ itself once. GO Plus will flash blue and hopefully reconnect.

GO+ Notifications

GO+ works even with the Pokémon GO app in the background or lock screen. When paired properly, it will flash and vibrate if a Pokemon or PokeStop is within range:

GO+LEDVibrationWhat's happening?
GO Plus Blue Blueba-beep.
A PokeStop is nearby!
Press me to spin it!
go green Greenbooop.
A Wild Pokemon appears!
Press me to catch it!
go yellow Yellowbooop.
A Wild Pokemon appears!
It's new to your Pokedex!

If your GO+ flashes red, it has lost connection with Pokemon GO and needs to be reconnected.

Catching with GO+

What happens when you try to catch a wild Pokemon with GO+:

LEDVibrationsWhat's happening?
Flashes Green or Yellowbooop. booop. booop. Encounter
Flashes White 1-3 times.bap. bap. bap. (1-3 times)Catch Attempt
Multicolorbaa, baa, baa, baa, baaCatch Success
Flashes Redkaakaka.Catch Flee
Flashes Redka ka ka.Catch Fails

Your catch attempt may fail, if you drift out of range or if you have no more Pokeballs available.

Catching with GO+ uses only a Pokeball and applies no throw bonuses except the relevant Pokemon medal. See GO+ Catch Rate for details.

Stocking up with GO+

What happens when you spin a PokeStop with GO+:

LEDVibrationsWhat's Happening?
Flashes Blueba-beep, ba-beep, ba-beepEncounter
Multicolorbap, bap, bap, bapSuccess
Flashes Redbzzzzzzzzt.Fails

A PokeStop spin may fail if you drift out of range, if you have already looted the PokeStop manually, or if your inventory is full.

It's worth noting here that due to a recent update, you won't receive any experience for looting a PokeStop if you have a full inventory. It also won't count for daily streak or the 10-spin bonus either, so clear up some inventory space and try again.

Troubleshooting GO+

Unfortunately, Pokemon GO Plus is buggy and stops working all the time.

If your GO+ stops working, make sure Bluetooth is on and GO+ isn't out of battery. If not, it's usually a corrupt cache somewhere, and one of the following steps may get your GO+ working again:

  • Unpair GO+: Click on "Pokemon GO Plus" in Pokemon GO settings, and press the triangle eject device button. 
  • Reset GO+: Hold on to the GO+ button until it glows a steady blue (takes about 5 seconds). Let go and immediately hold the button down again until it buzzes once (takes about 5 seconds). Your GO+ is now reset.
  • Clear Bluetooth Share Cache: Go to App Management in your phone settings, find Bluetooth Share, and clear its cache and data.

Some combination of above usually get your GO+ working again. Sometimes you have to do all of above in order, restart your phone, and redo pairing to get GO+ working. 

If trying the steps above fails to revive your GO+, the GamePress Q&A or the GOPlus Subreddit may able to help you. 

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