Meteor Mash Metagross and the Meta

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Meteor Mash Metagross and the Meta

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On October 21st, Metagross was blessed with its signature move “Meteor Mash” in Pokemon GO. The initial teaser info given on the move suggested its power would be similar to Wild Charge in practice, which would make it very good but reasonable. A later game master change revealed that it would instead have a performance on the level on Frenzy Plant, which is insanely powerful. Given the raw power of Meteor Mash, many trainers are curious just how good Metagross is in Pokemon GO now, previously being a relatively poor attacker. In this article, we will detail just how ridiculously powerful Metagross is with this new attack.

Metagross vs Raids


With Meteor Mash, Metagross is the top Steel-type Pokemon in Pokemon GO. The unreleased Legendary Pokemon Dialga cannot compete, even with the most optimal non-Community Day Steel-type moveset. In fact, in battles where Steel-type is super effective, nothing comes close to Metagross’ damage without a weather boost; fortunately for Fighting and Fire-types, cloudy and clear are two of the most common weather types out there.

While surprising, this extreme leap in performance makes more sense once you check the stats on Flash Cannon and Meteor Mash. Flash Cannon is one of the most disappointing charge moves in Pokemon GO, having a DPS x DPE (Damage Per Second times Damage Per Energy) of 37.04, for reference, it’s as good as Bulldoze. Meteor Mash, on the other hand, has a DPS x DPE of 76.92 making it the 2nd most powerful charge move currently released in Pokemon GO. Metagross is already an impressive Pokemon in terms of stats, it has just been held back by a poor attack. Now that it has an absolutely busted charge move, Metagross is supreme.

As for raids where Steel-type damage isn’t super effective, Metagross will be a powerful generalist much like Rayquaza. While it will rarely be the best counter, it will be a great fall back option should you lack the resources for more specialized raid counters. Overall, Dragon-type is better for general use but Steel-type handles the jobs Dragon won’t want to, standing stalwart against the Ice, Rock, Dragon, and Fairy-type damage that gives Rayquaza trouble.

Metagross vs Gyms


Prior to Meteor Mash, Metagross had the reputation of being one of the tankiest Blissey counters. What it lacked in power it made up for in resisting every single one of Blissey’s attacks. With Meteor Mash, Metagross now dominates the role as the tankiest counter to Blissey and is arguably the greatest Blissey counter of all. Just as Focus Blast Mewtwo is a slightly slower, slightly tankier counter when compared to Machamp, Metagross is slightly slower, but significantly more tanky counter when compared to Mewtwo. In fact, Metagross is so tanky that it can afford to not dodge any of Blisseys charge moves and defeat it with over half of its hit points remaining (all things being equal). While the drop in clear time isn’t appealing, being able to blindly plow through any Blissey with just one Pokemon without having to think will make the fight a less tedious process.

Metagross’ utility doesn’t end with Blissey- Steel-type is one of two types that hit Fairy-type Pokemon for super effective damage. This means any mindful gym stackers who like to place Gardevoir or Clefable after their Normal-type defenders just made the job of gym tear down that much easier for you. If you like to make gyms annoying for people to fight, you may want to keep your Fairies in storage and instead use bulky Water-types like Milotic or the Slowdudes, or perhaps your very own Metagross for gym defense.


257 Base Attack with the 2nd most powerful charge move in the game, what more needs to be said? Meteor Mash has really taken Metagross from zero to hero and even further beyond. Any Meteor Mash Metagross you got from Community Day will serve you well in raid offense, gym offense, and on gym defense. If you missed out, don’t feel too bad -Metagross still has relatively limited optimal raid use and its performance as a gym attacker is more of a convenience than something game breaking. Hopefully, Niantic will give us a shot at Community Day’s we’ve missed out on in the future.