A history of the item boxes that are sold temporarily during events. These boxes were added in 2016 and have been a recurring feature since.
Legacy Special Box List

Best Values Per Item

Best Historical Value only accounts for one item being in the boxes. Calculations have ignored other items in the boxes. Items that are cheaper in the shop are marked with *.

Item Best Historical Value via Item Boxes Cost Per Item
Poke Ball* Winter 2016 Event Part 2 - Bronze Box 4.6 per Ball
Great Ball Winter 2016 Event Part 1 - Special Box 25 per Ball
Ultra Ball February 2018 Community Day Event - Silver Box 16 per Ball
Raid Pass Kanto Event 2018 - Ultra Box 61.67 per Raid Pass
Incubator Ultra Bonus Unlock 2018- Great Box 120 per Incubator
Incense* Winter 2016 Event Part 1 - Ultra Box 60 per Incense
Lure Module* Winter 2016 Event Part 2 - Bronze Box 57.5 per Lure Module
Lucky Egg* Legendary Week 2018 Event - Ultra Box 59.2 per Egg
Max Revive* Legendary Week 2018 Event - Ultra Box 148 per Revive
Star Piece* Eggstravaganza 2018 - Ultra Box 59.2 per Piece
Super Incubator Adventure Week 2018 Event - Ultra Box

Safari Zone Dortmund 2018 - Ultra Box

Johto Festival 2018 Event - Ultra Box

Ultra Bonus Unlock 2018 - Ultra Box

123.33 per Incubator
Pinap Berry February 2018 Community Day Event - Silver Box 24 per Berry
Max Potion* Legendary Week 2018 Event - Great Box 130 per Potion
Razz Berry Legendary Week 2018 Event - Special Box 80 per Berry

Pokemon GO Trainer Battle Release

Item Box Name Special Box Great BoxUltra Box
# of Raid Passes 3 412
# of Incubators 1 00
# of Super Incubators 0 38
# of Star Pieces 2 012
# of Lure Modules 0 10
# of Lucky Eggs 2 40
# of Pinap Berries 0 06
Item Box Cost 480 7801480

Price Justifications

These breakdowns will assume a value of 0 to Lucky Eggs. Lucky Eggs currently provide 0 value to players over level 38 and are readily available in almost every Legacy Special Box, throwing off price evaluations that include them. A level cap increase is likely not too far in the future, but it is unknown if such an increase will bring actual unlocks with it, so it’s safe to view them as being worthless for any players 38+ for now, especially for those players not maxing Pokemon (the only benefit to leveling up). With the influx of experience from gifting and friendship, XP has become a very poor indicator of experience, furthering the uselessness of Lucky Eggs.

While players will find utility in Super Incubators over traditional Incubators if constantly running 9 Eggs or rushing to complete Research, a majority of players will find their gameplay mechanics identical; they each hatch 3 Eggs. For this reason, when discussing Super Incubator prices they are directly comparable to Incubators.

Lure Modules are the trickiest item to evaluate with their value dependant on stop and spawn density while also factoring other nearby players, as others can lure for you. 100s of players can share the same lures, making them difficult to evaluate. Analysis including lures will also factor against previous LSB containing all other premium items (except Lucky Eggs, worth 0).

Any items that can be obtained by spinning PokeStops are also calculated as zero in the calculations. Consider increasing your Item Storage instead, an investment that will quickly pay for itself if you value items you can receive from spins.


3 Premium Raid Passes and an Incubator is sadly not a discount. With 2 Star Piece, this is a 12.73% discount, identical to the previous Community Day Box, and ranking it 68th of all time.

Pokemon and Item Storage upgrades, as well as saving for future deals, remain much better options for those low on coins.


A 4/3 Split on Premium Raid Passes and Incubators is an 8.24% discount, ranking this box 58th all time. If not obvious, this is horrible. The only worse Great Boxes from the past few months contain Star Pieces too. Even the current Special Box contains Star Piece, making it a significantly better deal (though likely still a pass).

But wait! This box has Lure Modules too! Again, as this is likely the worst Premium Item, we’ll factor this 13.33% deal against all previous Legacy Special Boxes containing all items. This box ranks 82nd, the worst Great Box of all time.


A 12/8 split on Premium Raid Passes and Incubators is a 38.33% discount, ranking it 15th all time. It is tied for the 9th best sale since August. The previous Ultra Box is a better deal by this metric.

Factoring in Star Piece, this box is a 50.67% discount, ranking it 9th all time. It is tied for the 5th best sale since August. It is the best sale since November 14th 2018 (so, still somewhat recently).

Against other LSB containing Incense, its ranking drops to 12th all time (tied 7th since Aug). Against other LSB containing Lure Modules, its ranking drops to 16th all time (tied 9th since Aug).

Some players may be able to justify this box as it does offer a sizable amount of Premium Raid Passes. Those already planning on purchasing 12 Raid Passes while these boxes are in the shop can essentially pick up 8 Super Incubators, 12 Star Piece, and 6 Pinap Berries for 280 coins. Comparatively to historic sales though, these boxes are not great deals. Increasing your Pokemon Storage or saving coins is a much better investment until better sales arrive.

Item Values for All Boxes

Legacy Special box List

February 2018 Community Day Event
Item Box Name Silver Box
# of Pinap Berries 20
# of Star Pieces 6
# of Lucky Eggs 6
# of Ultra Ball 30
Item Box Cost 480
Legendary Week 2018 Event
Item Box Name Special Box Great Box Ultra Box
# of Raid Passes 6 10 20
# of Lucky Eggs 3 8 25
# of Max Potions 0 6 10
# of Max Revives 0 0 10
# of Pinap Berries 0 6 0
# of Razz Berries 6 0 0
Item Box Cost 480 780 1480
January 2018 Update
Item Box Name Special Box Great Box Ultra Box
# of Raid Passes 6 9 15
# of Pinap Berries 10 10 0
# of Star Pieces 0 10 20
# of Incense 5 0 0
# of Lucky Eggs 0 0 6
# of Max Revives 0 0 6
Item Box Cost 480 780 1480
Winter 2017 Event Part 2
Item Box Name Winter Box Great Box Ultra Box
# of Star Pieces 5 10 20
# of Raid Passes 2 3 10
# of Lucky Egg 4 8 16
# of Super Incubators 0 2 6
Item Box Cost 480 780 1680
Winter 2017 Event Part 1
Item Box Name Winter Box Great Box Ultra Box
# of Star Pieces 5 10 25
# of Super Incubators 0 4 8
# of Incubators 2 0 0
# of Incense 2 0 0
# of Lure Modules 0 0 10
Item Box Cost 480 780 1480