June 2019 Community Day in EMEA Region Mired With Issues, Niantic Pledges to Fix

Table of Contents
  • Many players in the European region report not receiving enough spawns due to an outage of the weather system
  • Niantic has committed to making up for the event later in the year

On June 8, 2019, Niantic released shiny Slakoth into the wild for their Community Day event. This event took place between 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM in every time zone. 

However, during the time which many players were participating in the Europe, the Middle East, and Africa region, there were very few Slakoth to be found. The in-game weather system had malfunctioned and removed many of the spawns in the world map.

Reddit user u/urbananchoress posted a Reddit thread that was gilded twice detailing the issues, including a screenshot. 

Three hours after the weather system was reported as down, @NianticHelp reported it was back online. Soon after, @NianticHelp also reported they would be making a future announcement about the return of Slakoth for the EMEA region "later this summer". 

Community Day issues have persisted for a long while. Check out our Niantic Impactful Mistake Timeline for a list of other Community Day issues.