GoDex App Overview

The following is an overview of the GoDex app. We designed it to be the ultimate tool for Pokemon GO players.

If anyone has any questions, please let us know in the comments section below.

Download the GoDex app for Android devices by clicking on the link below.

What are Pokemon Boxes?

To determine the most optimal counter for a Pokemon, we need to know what Pokemon you have in your arsenal. By adding your Pokemon to your box, we can help you create the best team of Pokemon to bring to a select gym based on:

  • Max Prestige Gain
    • Team that results in the highest prestige gain regardless of time and potions spent.
  • Fastest Clear
    • Team that results in the highest prestige gain per second.
  • Most Potion Efficient
    • Team that results in the highest prestige gain per 1 HP lost.
How to add Pokemon to my box?

You can add Pokemon to your box through the website here by logging into your account as seen in the video below. You can also add Pokemon to your account from the app.  Both will be synched up automatically.

Once added, you can use the GoDex app (Android only) to battle test your Pokemon.

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