Friendship, Trading, and Gifting Guide

Friendship, Trading, and Gifting Guide
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On June 19th Niantic announced a slew of new features. Friends, Gifting, and Trading are mechanics that allow players to interact with each other. This guide is to help explain the details of the new systems. 


Trainers are able to add friends through the Trailer Profile page. You must be Trainer Level 10 and over 13 years of age to use this feature. You can hold up to 200 friends, and friends have a level associated with them. These levels are gained through participating in a raid or gym battle with, trading, or giving gifts to a friend. Friendship level can be raised once per friend, per day. The levels and bonuses associated are as follows:

Friend Level Min. Friend Length Rewards
Level 0 0 Days None
Level 1 1 Days Trading(All Pokemon except Mythical), 3% Attack bonus during raids and gyms
Level 2 7 Days Stardust discount on trading, 5% Attack bonus during raids and gyms, +1 Premiere Ball per raid encounter
Level 3 30 Days Stardust discount on trading, 7%+ Attack bonus during raids and gyms, +2 Premiere Ball per raid encounter
Level 4 90 Days Stardust discount on trading, 10%++ Attack bonus during raids and gyms, +4 Premiere Ball per raid encounter

Gifting with Friends

Spinning a PokeStop or Gym will give you a chance to receive a special item: a "Gift". These Gifts will allow you to send an item bundle to your friend. They'll receive items such as Hyper Potions and Revives. It cannot include raid-specific items such as TMs or Rare Candies. 

A list of possible rewards are as follows:

  • 1 Super Potion
  • 1 Hyper Potion
  • 1 Max Potion
  • 1 Revive
  • 1 Max Revives
  • 3 Poke Balls
  • 2 Great Balls
  • 1 Ultra Balls
  • 2 Pinap Berries
  • 1 Evolution Item
  • 7km Egg

Items are gifted in "bundles", and you can receive up to 4 bundles. The theoretical maximum number of items received is 12 Poke Balls.

7km Eggs will contain an Alolan Pokemon. The Pokemon's location will be associated with the location the gift is from. A list of included Alolan Pokemon are below: 

Trading with Friends

Trading with a friend has several features meant to keep players from abusing the system. 

  1. Players must be within 100 feet of each other.
  2. Mythical Pokemon can never be traded.
  3. Legendary Pokemon, Shiny Pokemon, and Pokemon unknown in your dex must use a Special Trade.
    1. You can only complete ONE Special Trade per day(rolls over at 12:00AM)
    2. It will cost a large amount of Stardust. Both players must pay the same amount. See table below for full trade requirements. 
  4. Pokemon's CP and HP will be randomized on trade. CP randomization range is determined by your Friendship level. 
  5. You will receive Candy from trading a Pokemon away. 
    1. If you trade a Pokemon from a far enough distance away, you get bonus Candy. Bonus caps out at 3 Candies at over 100km. 

Trading Stardust Cost

Friend Level Type of Trade Cost
Level 1 Normal Trade 100
Special Trade 20,000
Special Trade(Shiny Pokemon Unknown in Player's PokeDex) 1,000,000
Level 2 Normal Trade 100
Special Trade 16,000
Level 3 Normal Trade ???
Special Trade ???
Level 4 Normal Trade ???
Special Trade ???
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