Friendship, Trading, and Gifting Guide

Friendship, Trading, and Gifting Guide
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On June 19th Niantic announced a slew of new features. Friends, gifting, and trading are mechanics that allow players to interact with each other. This guide is to help explain the details of the new systems. 


Trainers are able to add friends through the trainer profile page. You must be trainer level 10 and over 13 years of age to use this feature. You can hold up to 200 friends, and friends have a level associated with them. These levels are gained through participating in a raid or gym battle with, trading, or giving gifts to a friend. Friendship level can be raised once per friend, per day. The levels and bonuses associated are as follows:

Friend Level # Days Rewards
None 0 None
Good 1
  • Enable trading (All Pokemon but Mythical)
  • 3% damage bonus during raids and gyms
  • Guaranteed at least 1/1/1 IVs during trade
  • 3,000 XP
Great 7
  • 20% stardust discount on Special Trades
  • 5% damage bonus during raids and gyms
  • +1 Premier Ball during raid boss catch phase
  • Guaranteed at least 2/2/2 IVs during trade
  • 10,000 XP
Ultra 30
  • 92% stardust discount on Special Trades
  • 7% damage bonus during raids and gyms
  • +2 Premier Ball during raid boss catch phase
  • Guaranteed at least 3/3/3 IVs during trade
  • 50,000 XP
Best 90
  • 96% stardust discount on Special Trades
  • 10% damage bonus during raids and gyms
  • +4 Premier Ball during raid boss catch phase
  • Guaranteed at least 4/4/4 IVs during trade
  • 100,000 XP
Additional Premier Balls do not result in additional Raid rewards.

Gifting with Friends

Spinning a Pokestop or gym will give you a chance to receive a gift. These gifts will allow you to send an items to your friends. Sending a gift awards 200xp and is the quickest way to level friendship for the above rewards. A player can hold 10 sendable gifts at once. You can't open gifts that you obtain from Pokestops yourself.

A player can open 20 gifts from friends daily. Items are gifted in "bundles", and you can receive up to 4 bundles in a gift. The list of possible item bundles are as follows:

  • 1 Super Potion
  • 1 Hyper Potion
  • 1 Max Potion
  • 1 Revive
  • 1 Max Revive
  • 3 Poke Balls
  • 2 Great Balls
  • 1 Ultra Balls
  • 2 Pinap Berries
  • 1 Evolution Item
  • 100 stardust

Gifts may also contain a 7km egg.  The hatched Pokemon's location will be the Pokestop or gym that the gift was first obtained. More information about gifts and eggs can be found in our egg hatching guide.

7 km eggs will typically contain an Alolan Pokemon, with additional Pokemon added in some events. A list of included Alolan Pokemon are below: 

Trading with Friends

Several mechanics to keep in mind when organizing a trade.

  • A Pokemon can only be traded once. No retrades or trade backs!
  • Players must be within 100 feet of each other.
  • Mythical Pokemon can never be traded.
  • Legendary Pokemon, shiny Pokemon, and Pokemon and forms unknown in your dex must use a Special Trade (limit 1 daily).
  • Both players must pay the same stardust cost. See table below for full trade requirements.
  • A traded Pokemon's level will be rounded down to the nearest half-level (A level 29 Pokemon will not change. A level 29.5 Pokemon will be traded at level 29).
  • A Pokemon's IV will be randomized on trade. IV floor is determined by your friendship level.
    • Good Friends - minimum 1/1/1 IVs
    • Great Friends - minimum 2/2/2 IVs
    • Ultra Friends - minimum 3/3/3 IVs
    • Best Friends - minimum 5/5/5 IVs
  • You will receive candy from trading a Pokemon away based on the distance of the catch location of the two Pokemon.
  1. Candy = 0-10km distance
  2. Candy = 10-100km distance
  3. Candy = 100km+ distance

Trading Stardust Costs

Type of Trade Good Great Ultra Best
Normal Trade 100 100 100 100
Special Trade: New Pokedex entry (non-legendary, non-shiny Pokemon) / Existing Pokedex entry (shiny or legendary Pokemon) 20,000 16,000 1,600 800
Special Trade: New Pokedex entry for a shiny or legendary Pokemon 1,000,000 800,000 80,000 40,000

Lucky Pokemon

When two Pokemon are traded, they have a chance to become Lucky. Lucky Pokemon have an IV floor of 12/12/12 minimum, and cost 50% less Stardust to power up. If a lucky trade occurs, both players receive a Lucky Pokemon.

On September 5th, Niantic added guaranteed Lucky Trades for players who have received less than 10 luckies. Any Pokemon caught in July or August of 2016 is guaranteed to be a Lucky Pokemon when traded away, resulting in a lucky trade for both players. The current lucky rate is believed to be somewhere between 1/10 and 1/20 and increases based off age of the traded Pokemon.