Flavor of the Month Archive

Flavor of the Month - June 2019

Cresselia reawakens in raid battles to start off June’s legendary returns. Don’t adjust your battle parties! The Lunar Pokemon is a Psychic-type, making it weak to the same types highlighted last month; Ghost, Dark, and Bug. Deoxys (Defense Forme) in EX raids shares the same weaknesses, so these attackers remain excellent choices for Stardust and Rare Candy.

Flavor of the Month - May 2019

The lake guardians are appearing in regional raids across the globe this month. Uxie will be available in the Asia-Pacific region. Mesprit will be available in Europe, Middle East, and Africa. Azelf will be available in the Americas and Greenland. All three (plus Deoxys in EX raids) are pure Psychic-type, weak to Ghost, Dark, and Bug-type attackers.

Flavor of the Month - April 2019

The Ghost-Dragon Giratina is back from the Distortion World this month, with a twist. After a weekend of Altered Forme raids, its Origin Forme will join us in Raid Battles for the first time. Both are weak to Dragon, Ghost, Ice, Dark, and Fairy-type Pokemon including our last 4 Legendary raid bosses. Dragon and Ghost-types offer the highest DPS though Giratina can hit them back with the same type of moves. Against Deoxys Defense Forme, you’ll also want Dark and Ghost-type counters.

Tier List Pokemon with Relevant Moves

(NOTE: These Pokemon have additional moves unlisted on our Attackers Tier List that are Super Effective against the current Tier 5 Legendary. While these moves are suboptimal for the listed Pokemon, these moves put them on par with the other Flavors of the Month.)

Flavor of the Month - March 2019

It’s time to take on the Temporal Pokemon. Dialga is this month’s Legendary Raid boss! This Steel-Dragon is weak only to Fighting and Ground attacks, with a slew of resistances. Punching Dialga with Fighting-types is much easier than using the comparatively weak Ground-types. Former Tier 4s like Golem and Rhydon are okay too, but these brawlers are better.

Flavor of the Month - February 2019

The Spatial Pokemon Palkia arrives into Raid Battles this month and there are only two types to know: Dragon and Fairy-type! Palkia's unique Water and Dragon-typing give it resistance or neutral damage to everything but two types. Check out any of the Dragon-types we have represented on our Attackers Tier List, or try out these Flavors of the Month for getting those extra damage balls.

Flavor of the Month - January 2019

Get out your Grass-types, trainers! The Ruby & Sapphire duo, Groudon and Kyogre, rejoin Raid battles for two weeks as we celebrate the Hoenn region. The pair are Ground and Water-type respectively and share a weakness to Grass attacks including the new Grass Knot Breloom. Groudon takes super effective damage from Grass, Ice, and Water-type attacks while the whale Kyogre is weak only to Grass and Electric-types. Pay close attention to what you’re fighting as each of these incredibly powerful Pokemon have charge attacks that allow them to destroy their top counters!

Flavor of the Month - December 2018 & January 2019

Heatran forges us into the new year as the newest legendary tier 5 raid. This Fire and Steel-type Pokemon is doubly weak to Ground-type attacks, giving all attackers that can throw mud around and cause earthquakes their own day in the sun. The EX Raid boss has also now switched to Deoxys Attack Forme. This forme of Deoxys is still Psychic-type and brings the same weaknesses, but with low enough defense that most teams should have no problem taking it down.

Flavor of the Month - November & December 2018

Cresselia rounds out our legendary tier 5 raids this month. Another Psychic-type boss should mean some familiar counters but some newcomers from Gen 4 and the stat rebalance have joined the Attackers Tier List this month. Ghost, Dark, and Bug- types remain the top counters for this and other Psychic-types like Deoxys, found in EX raid battles.

Flavor of the Month - November 2018

The Ghost-Dragon, Giratina takes center stage with its Altered Forme until November 20th. The Renegade Pokemon is weak to Dragon, Ghost, Dark, Fairy, and Ice-type attacks, which includes many top-tier attackers. For those attending Deoxys EX Raids, consider our September and October 2018 Flavor of the Month to be active.

Flavor of the Month - September & October 2018

The mighty Mewtwo takes to traditional Tier 5 Raids this month and will be around till October 23rd. Use Pokemon with Dark, Ghost, and Bug-type moves to take on the powerful Pokemon, but tread carefully trainers. Mewtwo has been beefed up to be stronger than any time you've faced him before, and can still pack quite a punch.