Experience Statistics

Egg Hatching
Egg DistanceXP Gained
2 km200
5 km500
10 km1,000
Throwing Bonus
Throw TypeXP Gained
Nice Throw10
Great Throw50
Excellent Throw100
Pokémon Bonus
Bonus TypeXP Gained
Catch a Pokémon100
Each 100th of Species Caught100
Evolve a Pokémon500
Acquire a new species of Pokémon500
Pokémon runs away25
Check a Pokéstop

PokéStops can have different sizes. Swiping 10 unique PokéStops consecutively, with a gap of no more than 10 minutes between each individual PokéStop, guarantees a large reward on the 10th PokéStop. Note that even if you are full on items you will still gain XP.

PokéStop TypeXP Gained
Normal PokéStop (less than 6 items)50
Large PokéStop (6 or more items)100
Gym Battles
Battle TypeXP Gained
Training against lower CP ally31 * (Defender CP / Attacker CP) - 5
Training against equal or higher CP ally50 * (Defender CP / Attacker CP)
Attacking against enemy Pokémon100 per Pokémon defeated
Bonus for fully clearing enemy gym50
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