Everything New in Generation 4 for Pokemon GO

Everything New in Generation 4 for Pokemon GO

Generation 4 Updates

  • Oct 18 - 1PM EST: Pokemon from Gen 1 - 3 remain pre-stat change
  • Oct 16 - 5PM EST: Gen 4 Pokemon appear in Tier 1 raids, shiny Shinx is available
  • Oct 16 - 11AM EST: First wave of Gen 4 Pokemon have been released! Check our pages for the latest updates to stats and moves. CP changes are still reverted for gen 1 to 3 mons, gen 4 mons have updated CP's.
  • Oct 15 - 6PM EST: CP changes are still reverted.
  • Oct 15 - 3PM EST: Niantic released the CP rebalance for a very short amount of time. It was reverted ~5 minutes after the change. Stay tuned for more analysis.
  • Oct 15 - 2:45PM EST: The CP Rebalance update is live. This section will be updated as more information is discovered.

Generation 4 Content

Released Pokemon

Region-Specific/Special Gen 4 Releases

Gen 4 Content Updates

This section is to catalog any and all revisions made to GamePress Pokemon GO Guides in relation to Generation 4 release on October 15, 2018. Guides that have accounted for the rebalance + Pokemon release will appear in the "Updated Content" section.

Updated Content

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