Community Day May 2018 Guide (Updated for Item Boxes)

Community Day May 2018 Guide


Date Saturday, May 19th
Time Europe, Middle East, Africa, India: 10am to 1pm UK or BST, 11am to 2pm CET
North America, South America and Greenland: 11am to 2pm PST, 2pm to 5pm EST
Asia Pacific: 12pm to 3pm JST

Show Up Early BUT…

Showing up early to familiarize yourself with the location is good. You can use this time to find parking, restrooms, and take over gyms for additional items per spin. Note that there’s a chance that existing spawns can turn into Charmander, and spawns will be worth 3x Stardust during the event, so stop catching Pokemon 10-15 minutes before the event starts to maximize your gains there. Also, wait till the start of the event to start your Lure Modules. They will only last 3 hours if started during the event window.

Community leaders may make themselves available before or after the event window to offer check-ins and handshakes to receive The Silph Road March 2018 Community Day Shiny Charizard badge. The best time to raid is also probably before or after the event, with so much time going on during. If an egg appears towards the end of your Community Day, link up with other trainers and find a group willing to keep the Community Day party going.

Prepare for Your Day Accordingly

Water, winter jacket, rain poncho, as well as snacks/lunch, water, medical necessities, battery packs, fully charged devices, and water!

Where to Play

Charmander spawns will be drastically increased everywhere during the duration of this event. You aren’t required to play anywhere specifically, but here are some tips for getting the most out of the location you choose.

  • Exploring the Community - Use Community Day, and Pokemon Go in general, as an excuse to explore local areas. If you’re blessed with multiple, good locations, make use of them throughout various Community Days. Choose areas with heavy spawn and Stop density so that you can light it up with Lure Modules.

  • Playing with Friends - Community Day should be about the community, both the area and your local PoGo Players. Get together with friends, find your local group using The Silph Road’s League Map, or be the first in your area to create a group. If you see other trainers in your gyms, that means there’s others out there playing! More trainers means more fun, and Lure Modules appear for all players, so you can all share the increased spawns.

  • Nesting Locations - Nests change Wednesday May 16th, 4 days before the event. You should have an idea of the location before this rotation (for this and future Community Days) but be prepared to switch if a good, local nest becomes Charmander. An area with heavy spawns and Stops is better than a Charmander nest without those, so prioritize accordingly.

  • Weather and Biome - Pursuing weather-boosted Charmander will grant you higher CP and IV Pokemon, albeit with decreased catch rates. Charmander is boosted in Sunny Weather, which may make finding boosted versions tougher. While you can't control the weather. You may be able to choose a location whose nesting species is boosted by the current weather (like playing at a Geodude Nest while Partly Cloudy). 3x Event Stardust, Weather boost, and a Star Piece would net an incredible 562 Dust each catch!

Getting Prepared: Items to Bring


6 Star Piece

Triple Stardust on catches makes this 3-hour window the best possible time to break Star Pieces. These are likely a worthwhile purchase from the shop via the Community Day Special Box for those that do not already have some stored Star Pieces and are looking to boost their Pokemon Collection. A Star Piece during this CD only needs to do one third of the work to make it just as effective as the most optimized non-CD Star Piece, meaning even those with limited time may find it useful and means that one is useful still towards the end of the event when your time is spent IV checking and Evolving Charmanders. While this event offers no in-game bonuses for Egg Hatching, breaking Star Pieces means you will get bonuses for hatching regardless. Remember that 2km eggs provide the best Stardust:km ratio.

6 Incense and Lures

Having 6 Incense will let you crack open one every 30 minutes and make it last the entirety of the event. Lures started before the posted start times will only last 30 minutes. Lures started any point after that will last the full 3 hours. Keep walking! Incense spawns more Pokémon while you’re moving! Even if you’re stuck at work where nothing spawns during the event window, popping some Incense could help you nab a shiny or two. 25 Incense can be purchased in bulk for 1250 in the Shop at any time for those looking at an alternative to the CD Special Box. 25 Incense is enough for 4 Community Days and an extra to spare.

Pinaps, Razz, and Ultraballs

With triple Stardust bonuses, you’ll want to waste as little time as possible so every throw counts. Using Pinaps will help you quickly amass candy from the otherwise uncommon Charmander, while Razz Berries and Ultra Balls will decrease the amount of times you need to throw. Here is a small demonstration of the Skip Catch Animation Manipulation on a Raid Boss (the concept is the same on a Charmander) for those looking to speed up thier play even further.

Pokeballs for Go+ Users

Catching everything will likely be impossible. The GO+ may give you some free catches you wouldn't otherwise have time for. Again, some may find that the Skip Catch Animation Manipulation works quicker once you get the hang of it. It is not recommended that you attempt to learn this trick during CD, but if you can practice enough beforehand till you are comfortable with it, consider using it to maximize your CD grinding.

"Catch 3 Charmander"

During Community Day, all Research Tasks are changed to “Catch 3 Charmander” with the following rewards;

  • 500 Stardust

  • 2 Ultra Balls

  • 5 Great Balls

  • 2 Pinap Berries

This wonderful move by Niantic allows you to not stress about Research during the event and concentrate on catching. It also means that Trainers can rest easy knowing that Community Day itself will help provide them with additional Pinaps, Ultra Balls, and Great Balls! There are a few additional things to keep in mind as far as how this functioned last Community Day;

  • Research from each stop can only be completed once during CD.

  • The start of CD essentially acts as a new day, allowing you to collect research from Stops you already completed that morning.

  • Tasks revert to their pre-CD tasks when CD is over but you cannot receive research from Stops where you completed “Catch 3 Charmander” or the original research.

  • Because of this, you may decide to skip over stops during CD that you know give desirable research (from Discord, Facebook, etc.) or complete them before CD starts.

  • Check to see if you have completed the Research Task of a given Pokestop by the indicator in the top right corner of a Pokestop


May Day, May Day - Stay Alarmed and Alert

Consider setting an alarm on your phone for various CD intervals to remind yourself to reapply Starpieces and Incense. For instance, if your event starts at 2:00, set alerts for 2:00. 2:30, 3:00, 3:30, 4:00, 4:30 and potentially even again at 4:45. There’s a lot to keep track of during Community Day between quick catching, shiny checking, appraising, and talking and catching up with friends! Setting some alerts the night before could potentially earn you thousands of Stardust you’d lose out on if you forgot to break a Star Piece. Additionally, a final alarm to remind you to evolve some Chameleons can definitely come in handy. Evolving a Pokemon takes 20-30 seconds depending on your device. Assuming you evolve 7 Charizards, that’s 5-7 minutes of just evolving. You may need to Appraise newly caught Charmanders which also takes time.

Researchers Wanted

There are currently 4 Research Tasks that award a Charmander encounter.

  • Evolve 5 Pokemon.

  • Catch 10 Weather-Boosted Pokemon.

  • Power up a Pokemon 5 times. (Awards a random Kanto Starter)

  • Win a Gym Battle. (Awards a random Kanto Starter)

Completing these tasks and sharing them within your local Community can help you get a few extra candy and increase your chances at getting a high IV Charmander to evolve. While the reward is a “Random Kanto Starter” know that the Pokemon is set the same for all players. If one player receives a Charmander, anyone that completes that research will also receive a Charmander. This also marks the first time that we will have an available Research Encounter Reward Pokemon with increased Shiny chance. It is currently unknown whether or not Research Encounters will be affected by this increase as this has never happened before.

It is worthwhile to note that the CD window seems to reroll shiny encounters. This can be noticed by those that encounter a Shiny during the CD hours but catch it after Community Day has ended (say if you click the Pokemon at 4:59 and catch it at 5:00). There is then, a chance that existing Research could also be rerolled INTO a shiny. There are 3 different stages that research can be in, each of which may or may not be affected by the shiny-rate increase;

  1. Uncompleted Research (as in ⅘ Pokemon Evolved/Powered Up)

  2. Unclaimed Reward (Research fully completed but the Reward has never been clicked)

  3. Banked Encounter Reward (Completed and claimed research where you flee from the encounter so that it is stockpiled to be caught later)

While the third state of rewards is seemingly unlimited, each player can only hold 3 total encounters of the first two types, meaning that it will be much harder to collect data on those two things. Consider saving research in these various states to help collect data. Make sure to screen record your findings and specify which of the above three stages the reward was at the start of Community Day. If you run from an encounter and encounter it, research or otherwise, its shiny status does NOT change.

Information regarding Shiny encounters can be submitted to NoLucksGiven on Twitter or Reddit.

What's in the Box?

(5/18 Edit: Community Day Legacy Special Boxes available for limited time only in the Shop)

These breakdowns will assume a value of 0 to Lucky Eggs and Ultra Balls. Ultra Balls are available from Stops, Gyms, and Research (limited really only by bag space). Lucky Eggs provide 0 value to players over level 38 and are readily available in almost every Legacy Special Box. Eggs are available to purchase bundled for 50 gold each though their value likely falls between 0-20 gold for a given player.

While players will find utility in Super Incubators over traditional Incubators if constantly running 9 Eggs or ruching to complete Research, a majority of players will find their gameplay mechanics identical; they each hatch 3 Eggs. For this reason, when discussing Super Incubator Price, it is also important to consider Incubator historical prices.

Community Day Box: 480

  • 2 Super Incubator
  • 6 Lucky Egg
  • 6 Star Piece
  • 20 Ultra Ball

The crux of this box is a cheap way to gain 6 Star Piece for CD for those on a budget. Compared to the available 8 Star Piece bundle for 400 coins, you are paying 80 gold for everything else MINUS 2 Star Piece. Incubators, which function almost identical to Super Incubators, sell for 150 with a historical low of 125. Factoring out the price of incubators from this box, we reach a new price of 180-230 gold for 6 Star Piece and the additional items. This breaks down to 30-40 gold per Star Piece (40-20% discount over the bundle price) which is a reasonable pick up for trainers needing them to make the most out of Community Day. This box is the only box containing Star Pieces, giving it some utility.

Great Box: 780

  • 8 Incense
  • 6 Super Incubator
  • 8 Lucky Egg
  • 30 Ultra Ball

This Great Box sets a new record historical low for the Super Incubator at 130 gold each, a rate that competes with the historic low of 125 for Incubators. The 8 Incense are also a nice pickup for CD. Factoring those at 50 gold each for the set of 8 (for those that need them regardless for CD), brings the valued cost of the Incubators down to 580/6, or 96.67 gold per (35.56% discount off the standard 150 gold). This is the best available deal for trainers interested in solely Incubators, even more so for those lacking Incense to boost CD spawns as this is the only box offering that item.

Ultra Box: 1480

  • 10 Super Incubator
  • 22 Lucky Egg
  • 10 Premium Raid Pass
  • 30 Ultra Ball

The standard price of a Raid Pass in the shop is 100 gold. They have commonly sold for 80 gold and recently reached a new historical low of 61.67 gold. Using these values, we can value the rest of the box at 480, 680, or 863 gold. 10 Incubators at any of these 3 prices is an amazing deal, essentially offering incubators at 48 gold (a 68% discount) OR valuing them at 86.3 gold each (a 45.13% discount) while also picking up Raid Passes at their historical low (a 38.3% discount). By these metrics, the May 2018 Community Day Ultra box is the single best deal ever offered on Premium Items for players interested in Raid Passes and Incubators. While it doesn’t offer Community Day Specific items other than the 30 Ultra Balls, it still represents an amazing deal.

Recent deals have been getting better and better in discounted value so future deals may compete with this deal. However, spending money on these items now is a better value than it has been to spend money at any other time in the game, making these a very tempting pick up. Last Community Day, the Special Box disappeared from the Shop quickly after the event ended in North America. This set of Legacy Special Boxes may also disappear soon though the incredible value leading to increased sales may prolong their life in the Shop.

Banking Ecounters - A Stardust Storm

Because of the amazing triple Stardust bonus, Trainers should look to spend as much of their time catching Pokemon as possible. For many, there are enough normal and lured spawns to fill that time, but some Trainers will find that filling those gaps with Research Encounter Rewards helps a ton. It doesn’t cost anything to bank a handful of encounters and if Community Day winds up being more fruitful than imagined, you can always catch Research Rewards later at your leisure. The limit to Research encounters is above 350 encounters, if there is indeed a limit. Make sure to also keep an appropriate number of Ultra Balls and Pokemon Storage for any banked Encounters.

Burn Blast - Big or Bust?

Initial data for Blast Burn showed a very impressive DPS that surpassed Moltres (but not TDO).

A recent change found in gamemaster datamines now has Blast Burn Charizard performing slightly worse in simulations. BB Charizard remains the top non-Legendary Fire-type attacker though it now performs worse than its Legendary counterparts. This deviation from the originally announced data has made some players question Blast Burn’s ultimate fate. Will it be “reverted” to have stats in line with Frenzy Plant, Venusaur’s exclusive move, will it stay in its current form, or somewhere in between?

No one knows the fate of this move, yet but it is worth preparing for both eventualities and set goals accordingly. Assuming you will want to evolve 6 high IV and 1 shiny Charizard, you will need to amass 862 Charmander Candy which is attainable by Pinap catching 124 Charmander during CD, a feat but attainable. Any time spent at a nest or completing related Research beforehand decreases this number. Again, remember that evolutions take time and to a lot at least 5-7 minutes to evolve at the end of the event, if you don’t evolve at the event’s start. Consider naming Charmander that you want to evolve so that they stand out in your collection. Charmeleon MUST be evolved during CD to receive Blast Burn.

Players with no interest in powering up a Charizard should look to evolve a few of their highest CP Charmander, including one of each gender and one shiny. Evolving 3 Charizard requires 370 Candy which can be completed in 53 Pinap Catches.

The Technicals: Increased Catch Rate and Perfect IV String

During Bulbasaur Community Day, the catch rate of that otherwise low-catch rate starter was increased to make for easier catches. While there is little hard data behind the change (as everyone was out playing) it is quite reasonable to expect the same this time around. Charmander and Bulbasaur otherwise have the same catch rate. The recommendations from the March 2018 CD Guide are equally relevant if no changes, though we will likely see increased catch rates during this Community Day too allowing you to Pinap all that you see till Pinaps run out.

While the focus will be on catching, catching, and catching, its still worth keeping your eyes on Pokemon with desirable IV for evolving. The following string can help you quickly check for any perfect IV Charmander;


Pokemon with these CP are not guaranteed to be 100% IV but this could help you narrow that search.

In addition to those, IV check at least your highest CP Charmander and encourage others at your CD to do the same, shouting out any good spawns to your fellow trainers.

You can quickly check a Pokemon’s level by how much Stardust it would cost to power up.

28/29 - 4500

30/31 - 5000

31/32 - 6000

33/34 - 7000

35 - 8000

High level options are great and likely battle-ready with 0 Stardust investment so pay attention to Power Up requirements.

Finish Strong

Many tips included within this guide can help you prepare to make the most of your Community Day and the most of your Charmander Candy to create the most powerful Charizard army possible, regardless of Blast Burn’s ultimate fate. Keeping these tips in mind will allow you to prioritize your time accordingly and allow you to dedicate as much time as possible to hunting shinies.

Speaking on shinies specifically, consider that if you just shiny check a Pokemon but don’t attempt to capture it, it won’t disappear from the nearby and will still be there if you revisit that area. Trainers in large cities may find this method preferable though most will have more success with fully catching Pokemon. The “quick catch” Skip Catch Animation Manipulation is vastly preferable and should be practiced to maximize time shiny checking. If you wind up rechecking the same Pokemon, that could be precious time wasted.

Share with your fellow Trainers you’re playing with whenever you spot a high CP or IV Charmander while you compete to see who gets the most shinies. Your local Discord may provide additional challenges and competitions to make for an incredible action packed 3 hours. The more Community Days you participate in, the better understanding you’ll have of what you are likely to accomplish and how much you should consider preparing for beforehand. Set goals for yourself with the data from this guide but don’t get burnt out. This Community Day is sure to be a blast!