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Community Day August 2018 Guide


  • This is the first Community “Day” on both Saturday and Sunday.

  • Spawns for the Pokemon Eevee will be drastically increased.

  • Shiny Eevee family will be released:

    • Obtainable from catches, hatches, and research

    • Increased shiny rate (roughly 1 in 22) during Community Day hours

  • Themed Field Research - likely “Catch 3 Eevee” tasks for balls, berries, and stardust

  • Lures last for 3 hours

  • 3x bonus catch stardust

  • An exclusive move for Eevee and it's evolutions obtainable only during CD hours.

    • This Community Day features the Normal-type move "Last Resort."

    • Fast TMs and Charged TMs will not grant the exclusive move during Community Day.

    • The Pokemon must be caught, hatched, or evolved during CD hours to learn the move. (For evolutions, this also includes the time between Saturday and Sunday's event windows).

Date Saturday, August 11th & Sunday, August 12th
Time Europe, Middle East, Africa, India: 10am to 1pm UK or BST, 11am to 2pm CET
North America, South America and Greenland: 11am to 2pm PST, 2pm to 5pm EST
Asia Pacific: 12pm to 3pm JST (Japan: 6pm to 9pm JST)

Prepare for Your Day Accordingly

This guide will cover all of the in-game knowledge you’ll need to make the most out of Eevee Community Day. Don’t forget to also prepare for the real weather and everything that comes along with that. Keep your real bag fully upgraded and, depending on the weather, make sure to bring along a jacket, rain poncho, water, sunscreen, as well as lunch, snacks, water, medical necessities, battery packs, fully charged devices, other protective gear, and water again, for good measure. This Community Day is a full 6 hours altogether, so pace yourself and take breaks to not get burnt out. Most importantly, keep it fun!

Where to Play

Eevee spawns will be dramatically increased everywhere during the duration of this event. You aren’t required to play anywhere specifically, but here are some tips for getting the most out of the location you choose.

  • Plan ahead and start early - Familiarize yourself with your play area to get the most out of your CD. Note that existing spawns have the chance to turn into Eevee and all Pokemon will be worth 3x stardust after the event starts, so slow down on catching as the event start time approaches.

  • Exploring the community - Use Community Day, and Pokemon GO in general, as an excuse to explore local areas. If you’re blessed with multiple, good locations, make use of them throughout various Community Days.

  • Playing with friends - Community Day should be about the community, both the area and your local PoGO players. Get together with friends, find your local group using The Silph Road’s League Map, or be the first in your area to create a group. If you see other trainers in your gyms, that means there are others out there playing! More trainers mean more fun, and Lure Modules appear for all players, so you can all share the increased spawns. Returning and new players should ask around and figure out where established players are planning to play!

  • Raids and EX possibilities - While players may be focused on catching during CD, Raids right before and after that 3-hour window can be great considering the hard part of finding a Raid group is already done for you. Participating in CD in an EX eligible area can be great for securing an EX Pass or even triggering new gyms.

  • Clusters and Lures - If you want to catch the most Eevee, focus on cluster spawns in areas with lots of network traffic such as parking lots and apartment complexes and high stop density areas that can be easily lured up.

  • Biome - Eevee is a common spawn in certain biomes. Choosing a play area that typically spawns more Eevee will give you a slight percentage bump in the number of Eevee seen throughout the event.

  • Nests - Eevee is a nesting Pokemon, so visiting an Eevee nest during CD can significantly increase your Eevee haul. Trainers without a local Eevee nest shouldn’t stress as the whole world is basically an Eevee nest during CD. Additionally, consider local nests with other meta-relevant and shiny possible Pokemon. Houndour and Snubbull are both nesting Pokemon and newly shiny. A nest of either is a great place to spend Community Day! Nests will migrate this Wednesday. Check the Silph Road’s Nest Atlas for information on your local nests, and help report and missing holes you see.

  • Weather - Pursuing weather-boosted Eevee will grant you higher CP and IV Eevee, so it’s advised to hunt in partly cloudy areas. This comes with it decreased catch rates and higher aggressive levels of Pokemon but is offset in stardust gained and saved from catching weather boosted Pokemon. Pay attention to official weather reports as well as other trainers playing in different level 11 S2 cells (in-game weather boundaries).

  • Nests that correspond to the weather - There’s only so much you can do about your in-game weather. That said, if you know it’s going to be clear, picking a nest containing Ponyta, for example, can still help you make the most out of Community Day. This event offers 3x catch stardust, meaning a single weather boosted Pokemon offers 375 stardust or 562 dust with a Star Piece. That adds up fast.

Getting Prepared: Items to Bring


12 Star Piece

3x stardust is crazy good and should be taken full advantage of. Even if you only use half of the 30 minutes efficiently, that’s better than a full 30 minute Star Piece outside of this event. The current Great Box isn’t… great, but it is the best current way to get Star Pieces. If the Community Day boxes still don’t provide a great deal, it’s likely advisable to save coins still for better boxes to purchase for the third installment of the Global Catch Challenge which is also stardust themed.* Many hardcore grinders will have stardust gains as the focus of this event as it’s possible to get insane stardust gains while quick-catching on a Star Piece during triple dust events, though others can focus on Eevee and shiny hunting with more stardust events on the horizon. Consider setting an alarm the night before to remind you to break a Star Piece or burn an Incense every 30 minutes.

*It was recently announced that banked Research encounters will be limited to 100 on August 20th. This will be before the stardust Global Catch Challenge, meaning players should make an effort to clear banked encounters during CD with a Star Piece for 4.5 times the dust.

Egg Incubators

If you’re already going to have Star Piece constantly running, now is a great time to hatch some eggs. This even provides nothing otherwise for egg hatchers, unless you are able to hatch an Eevee. Still, Community Day typically gets you moving and gets that egg distance up, making it a great time to maximize Incubators by getting 1.5 times the dust.

Lure Modules

Always great to use during Community Day, Lure Modules last a full 3 hours if activated after CD begins. How many you need depends on Pokestop and trainer density, as only one trainer needs to lure a stop for the benefit of all nearby. It’s generally advisable to save Lure Modules for Community Day and other events where they last 3 times as long, and a triple stardust event is a great time to do so.

0-12 Incense

Any players low on time that want to increase their chances of finding multiple shiny Eevee should probably consider running Incense to help pad their inability to play. 25 Incense can be purchased in bulk for 1250 in the shop at any time for those looking at an alternative to the CD Special Box. 25 Incense is enough for 4 Community Days (counting Saturday and Sunday as 1 day each) and an extra to spare. Remember to keep walking if you can, as Incense increase in effectiveness as you travel.

Players able to fully experience all 6 Community Day hours may find Incense to slightly overkill and better saved for a CD with rarer Pokemon or more meta-relevant exclusive moves. That said, Eevee is still a very strong Pokemon with more evolutions on the horizon, and its multiple evolves will leave shiny collectors busy regardless, part of the reason for the 6 hour CD. If you’ve got the items or coins to spare, get those Incense burning!

0 Lucky Eggs

There are no bonuses involving XP this CD. Save Lucky Eggs for Friendship level ups for Ultra and Best Friends. If that happens during CD, feel free to crack an egg, otherwise avoid this item.

Balls and Berries

We will likely see the return of “Catch 3 Eevee” tasks this CD which will allow players to more easily keep their bag stocked up. Still, this event is an insane opportunity to grind. Catch every Pokemon and use every Poke Ball and try to dedicate as much space in your bag as possible towards Poke Balls. Be prepared to stock up before Saturday, again Saturday night, and again after the event. It’s also a good idea to clear up room in your storage.


During Community Day, Research tasks are changed to “Catch 3 Eevee” with the following likely rewards:

  • 500 Stardust

  • 2 Ultra Balls

  • 5 Great Balls

  • 2 Pinap Berries

This allows you to not stress about Research during the event and concentrate on catching. It also means that trainers can rest easy knowing that Community Day itself will help provide them with additional Pinaps, Ultra Balls, and Great Balls! There are a few additional things to keep in mind as far as how this functioned last Community Day;

  • Research from each stop can only be completed once each day. If you complete a task at a given stop, you cannot receive the “Catch 3 Eevee” task from that stop.

  • Tasks revert to their pre-CD tasks when CD is over but you cannot receive research from Stops where you completed “Catch 3 Eevee” or the original research.

  • Because of this, you may decide to skip over stops during CD that you know give desirable research (from Discord, Facebook, etc.) or complete them before CD starts.

  • This Community Day, many players may do the opposite, choosing not to complete Research in areas they know they will be during CD.


Eevee obtained from research encounters before that are claimed during CD hours still have the increased chance to be shiny, allowing trainers to prepare 3 chances at high IV (min 10/10/10) shiny Eevee during CD. Eevee is a guaranteed encounter reward for the task “Evolve a Pokemon” in the August set of Research tasks. Tasks and rewards are the same for each player (IVs and shiny chance are rerolled) so be sure to network with your Community before Community Day if you want to stock up.

We may also see the inclusion of the “Catch 5 Eevee” task or the aforementioned “Evolve a Pokemon” task for an Eevee encounter reward. This is the first Community Day since that task’s inclusion in the previous CD, July, which featured sunglasses Squirtle encounters. We could also see more specific new tasks like “Evolve an Eevee” any of which would be welcome inclusion, allowing players the opportunity for high IV shiny Eevee. Eevee is the Evolution Pokemon and this event was announced as giving trainers “the opportunity to explore the wonders of evolution.” This may include an incentive to evolve, meaning it may be worth keeping a few Pidgey to quickly evolve.

What's in the Box?

Legacy Community Day Special Boxes have held a variety of supplies and are available shortly before the start of Community Day. A list of previous contents can be found on our Legacy Special Box list. June Community Day introduced Great and Ultra Boxes, amazing deals for an extremely limited time, disappearing at the end of CD in America. This section will include a more thorough breakdown upon release of the Special Boxes in the Shop.

August 2018 Community Day Legacy Special Box

Legacy Special Box breakdowns will assume a value of 0 to Lucky Eggs. Lucky Eggs currently provide 0 value to players over level 38 and are readily available in almost every Legacy Special Box. Eggs are available to purchase bundled for 50 gold each though their value likely falls between 0-20 gold for a given player. A level cap increase is likely not too far in the future, but it is unknown if such an increase will bring actual unlocks with it, so it’s safe to view them as being worthless for any players 38+ for now, especially for those players not maxing Pokemon (the only benefit to leveling up).

While players will find utility in Super Incubators over traditional Incubators if constantly running 9 Eggs or rushing to complete Research, a majority of players will find their gameplay mechanics identical; they each hatch 3 Eggs. For this reason, when discussing Super Incubator prices
,they are comparable to Incubators.

Lure Modules continue being the trickiest item to evaluate, with their value being between 0-50 gold based on the location. Players with low spawn density have a higher need for them though it is mostly Trainer/Stop density that affects their supply and demand as each Pokestop only needs one Lure during Community Day.

While Incense can fluctuate in value based on how/when it is used, they remain a key item for anyone wishing to maximize their spawns on CD, especially when presented with a meta-relevant Pokemon, limited time, or cool shiny Pokemon. Eevee likely falls within that category. Though it is shiny, collectors will want to ensure enough shiny to make shiny Eeveelutions up to Gen 8. This again comes down to available play time, as 6 hours of CD should be enough for more trainers to collect enough.

Special Box

This box keeps up with the 4% discount seen in the past two Special Boxes but with worse items. Even for players already planning on purchasing 3 Incubators, 30 gold for 1 Lure Module, 3 Lucky Eggs, and 30 Ultra Balls is a borderline markup and better saved for future boxes.

Great Box

This box is not a discount considering just Incubators though still finds a home as a reasonable Community Day Box. Considering Star Pieces and Incubators, this box provides a 25.7% discount. It should be easy to spot that players interested in just these two items can find them at a cheaper rate in the Ultra Box (double the quantity, less than double the cost).

The real draw to this box is that it is the only current box offering Incense. In fact, it is the only box since Safari Zone Dortmund to offer Incense. Incense are arguably skippable this CD due to the 2 day nature of the event. This also minimizes the chances a given player is unable to play. Still, if you are stuck at work or something similar unable to play this CD, Incense becomes invaluable. The Great Box provides a 42.2% discount when also factoring in Incense (and is actually a really respectable deal to the portion of the player base that doesn’t Raid). It’s value is wholly determined by your individual value on Incense.

Ultra Box

Considering only the Premium Raid Passes and Incubators, this box provides a 40.8% discount, making it the 5th best Legacy Special Box offered for these two items. This ties May’s CD Ultra Box but is outclassed by a few since then. That alone makes it a justifiable purchase. Trainers primarily focused on Raiding can still hold out to save coins for an eventual Raid Pass discount.

Factoring in Star Piece makes this box actually stand out. Now a 52.26% discount, this box ranks 3rd highest all time, behind Water Festival 2018 and February 2018 Update, and tied with Kanto Event’s Great Box. This Box still ranks 6th all time when considering Incense and Lure Modules (which aren’t in this box) at full price. Respectable numbers of the three best Premium Items in the game makes this box a true contender.

The biggest reason to purchase this box is potentially those Star Piece. While Star Piece are guaranteed to come to the store during the third leg of the Global Catch Challenge 2018 (which is stardust/Star Piece related), we may not see the item return at amazing rates in that event’s Legacy Special Boxes. The logic for this is that Star Piece during that reward window will already be worth almost 6 times as much, considering 2x Star Piece duration and 3x stardust for catch. Stocking up on Star Pieces a month early may wind up being the cheapest way to ensure you have some left. While that can also be done via the Great Box, purchasing an Ultra Box or two is much better value on Star Piece and Incubators, while also providing a nice pile of Premium Raid Passes for Moltres Day.


Looking to Generation 4 and the Future of Eeveelutions

Community Day has always seemed like a natural tie-in with Generation 4, which brings many additional evolutions on preexisting Pokemon. Eevee is the first Community Day we’ve seen for a Pokemon that evolves again in Generation 4 - and it got two! Glaceon is an Ice-type evolution with a max CP of 2866. Leafeon is a Grass-type evolution with a max CP of 2849. Each of these has to compete with other Generation 4 releases in Mamoswine, and Tangrowth and Roserade respectively. This also makes them great targets for an early release, allowing the Eeveelutions a few months to reign supreme once again. This event announcement mentioned “the opportunity to explore the wonders of evolution.” What better way to do that than adding two new Eevee evolutions. Take note that at this point, this is purely speculation, however.

Existing Eeveelutions evolve randomly for the first 3; Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon. Trainers can also use a one-time “name trick” to guarantee any of the 5 currently available Eeveelutions. Espeon and Umbreon can be obtained by making them your buddy, walking them for 10 km, and evolving during day or night respectively.

Eeveelution Evolution Requirement One-Time Name Trick Evolution Item (Not Currently in PoGO)
Vaporeon Normal Evolution, 33% Chance Rainer Water Stone*
Jolteon Normal Evolution, 33% Chance Sparky Thunder Stone*
Flareon Normal Evolution, 33% Chance Pyro Fire Stone*
Espeon Evolve During Daytime After Walking 10 km w/ Buddy Sakura N/A
Umbreon Evolve During Nighttime After Walking 10 km w/ Buddy Tamao N/A
Leafeon Evolve near Moss Rock** TBD N/A
Glaceon Evolve near Ice Rock** TBD N/A

*These items are currently unavailable in Pokemon GO.
**These may be implemented as evolution items in Pokemon GO.

It is unknown how exactly these new forms will be implemented in Pokemon GO. It may be dividing the standard evolution into 5 forms or it may be the long-awaited implementation of elemental stones for Eeveelutions.

You can start pre-walking multiple Eevee right now for multiple Espeon and Umbreon with Last Resort this CD.

  1. Make an Eevee your Buddy Pokemon and walk 10km.
  2. Make another Eevee your Buddy and walk it 10km.
  3. Ensure you have a good connection, double check buddy distances, and potentially restart the Pokemon Go app to double check distances were properly tracked.
  4. During Community Day's window, make any walked Eevee your Buddy Pokemon again and evolve. Again, perform a restart if experiencing connectivity issues.

A Last Resort Umbreon can only be obtained by evolving an Eevee at night in between Saturday and Sunday's CD windows. Plan ahead to take advantage of this (though Espeon is the real Last Resort benefactor).


Legacy Last Resort A to Z Analysis


While Eevee itself is far from being a relevant attacker regardless of the move set, it was announced that "any Eevee that evolves between the start of Saturday's Community Day until the end of Sunday's will know Last Resort in its evolved form." This Community Day just got a lot more important in the last days. Last Resort is an extremely powerful Normal-type move. While none of Eevee’s evolutions are Normal-type, the move is powerful enough that it will be a strong option in a variety of different circumstances. According to Pokemon Master Holly, Last Resort will be a 2-bar charge move with 90 base power. This is comparable to past CD Legacy Move Hydro Cannon. If we assume that Last Resort will be a Hydro Cannon clone, this works out positively for a number of Eeveelutions. NOTE: Last Resort has since been revealed to not be a Hydro Cannon Clone.


Without weather boost, Espeon and Flareon both break into the top 10 neutral DPS, or damage per second. This stat isn’t great when considering them as Raid counters, but make them great additions to a Gym generalist battle party. This represents a loss of TDO, or total damage output, over some Legendary options, but works out incredibly well against certain Gym lineups. Normal-type attacks are never Super Effective and will also not be ever be receiving STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) on Eeveelutions. That said, only Rock, Steel, and Ghost types resist Normal-type moves, with Ghost providing an immunity, or double resistance.  Ghost and Dragon provide slightly better coverage with only one resistance and one immunity each (and 3 SE coverages among the two types). When discussing generalist options, remember that Rayquaza and Mewtwo are commonly top Raid counters without being Super Effective. In Mewtwo's case, it also does not receive a STAB yet remains a top option because of the move's high base power combined with Mewtwo's high attack stat. In Partly Cloudy weather, the boosted Last Resort packs an even bigger punch.

neutralDPS PartlyCloudy

While weather boosted, Espeon provides the highest neutral DPS in the game and Flareon lands right behind the top 2 generalists in the game. It is important to note again that this data is assuming Last Resort is released as a Hydro Cannon clone. Since the move is not currently in the game files, a number of things could change, and have in previous Community Days.

The following chart shows how Espeon with Hydro Cannon fairs in a Machamp Raid, compared to its normal moves. The top Hydro Cannon is weather boosted, representing a possible Partly Cloudy Last Resort. The 2nd Hydro Cannon represents a possible unboosted Last Resort.


Here are results from the average of 1,000 simulations averaging all available Machamp movesets against Espeon with various Charge Moves, using GoBattleSim.

Especially for Trainers low on Rare Candy, LR Espeon (and Flareon to a lesser extent) is a fantastic gym generalist option to max out and add to your Gym generalist battle party. With neutral type coverage, it may even find its way onto a variety of raid teams, actually saving you Stardust in the long run. Partly Cloudy is also an extremely common weather in most areas, unlike Windy and Fog. A fully powered Espeon will be a reasonable option for any Raid Bosses that don’t resist it, similar to Rayquaza, Mewtwo and Gengar. Unlike, Mewtwo, Gengar, and Rayquaza’s Charge Moves, Last Resort will never be Super Effective, limiting its potential as a top Raid counter.

Remember that you can start walking potential Espeons today. After you walk an Eevee for 10km, switch to another Buddy Pokemon. Remember to make them your Buddy again before evolving. If Last Resort is changed or doesn’t live up to the hype, you can always make the last minute decision to not evolve, evolve normally (while not your Buddy), or save for future Eeveelutions. Start walking an Eevee today in case the move is a must-have.

Game Press will be crunching the numbers on various simulations in the week leading up to CD. We may also receive new or updated information so check back before CD to see the final fate of Last Resort. Some new and returning players may choose to evolve outside of CD as Eeveelutions will all make better specialized attackers with their normal moves. For instance, Espeon will likely be a much bigger threat in Machamp raids with Psychic-type Charge Moves.

As honorable mentions on our Defenders Tier List, Vaporeon and Umbreon are not going to become the best new gym defenders with the addition of Last Resort, but it does improve them. Other than Last Resort being a powerful move, it also provides better defensive coverage, allowing Eeveelutions to hit for neutral rather than Not Very Effective damage against common counters. A Jolteon is going to deal very little damage to Ground Pokemon attacking it if it has an Electric-type move. With Last Resort, it will at least have a fighting chance. A powerful Normal-type move also opens the door to these Pokemon being used as generalists in Pokedraft (video explanation).


Generation 7 introduced Z-Moves, powerful moves that can only be used once per battle. Z-Moves work by powering up an existing move of a Pokemon. Damaging moves will hit harder and status moves will have an additional Z-Power effect. Certain Pokemon also have exclusive Z-Moves. These moves upgrade a specific move on one of 17 different Pokemon. One of these Pokemon/ move combinations is, you guessed it, Eevee with Last Resort, resulting in the Z-Move Extreme Evoboost. This move doubles Eevee’s Attack, Sp Attack, Defense, Sp Defense, and Speed. The idea would then be to pass these stat buffs over to another Pokemon that can make better use of them.

Implementations of any Z-Moves are unlikely any time soon. Pokemon Go also currently has no way to handle moves and abilities that buff or debuff stats. Saving an unevolved Last Resort Eevee for this purpose probably won’t be relevant other than as a cool legacy trophy Pokemon. It is worth noting that only Eevee can perform Extreme Evoboost, and not its evolved forms, even with Last Resort.

Collecting a Shiny Family

Even without exclusive moves, Eevee in most of its various Evolutions (current and future) are highly rated attackers. Those without regular access to the Eevee biome should definitely make use of those ability to farm up Eevee candy. Otherwise, the only time-sensitive element to this event is the increased shiny rate. Hardcore collectors will want shiny variants of all possible Eeveelutions. Luckily, with trading, it will be very possible to obtain all Eeveelutions. Still, trading costs stardust and trading for unobtained shiny variants comes at increased cost. Don’t work hard farming dust all event just to trade it all away.

Assuming no new Eeveelutions are added, it will take an average of 9 Eevees to secure a Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon at a 90% success rate. Additional math by GamePress contributor u/biowpn can be found here. Obviously this is made trivial if evolution stones are added and conversely made more difficult if new Eeveelutions are added to the random pool. For now, catching 9 should reasonably allow you to obtain the Kanto Evolutions and excess Eevee can be saved for Espeon, Umbreon, and future evolutions. To save stardust, you can also trade for additional Eevee and evolve them yourself though this math can also be used to determine how many high IV Eevee to evolve to ensure one of each with the legacy move Last Resort.

This event is great for encouraging local trading. Expect to see many “trading shiny Jolteon for shiny Flareon” posts on your local Discord. Work on increasing Friendship levels with those that have the Eeveelutions you want for decreased costs and increased IVs. Decreased costs also last until August 20th for the special trading event currently ongoing.

Trainers yet to use the naming tricks can consult the above chart. Remember each of these can only be used once per player so use them carefully or they won’t be available to use when you want to ensure your high IV Eevee becomes a Flareon or Jolteon. Even if you only catch 3 Shiny Eevee that you want to turn into Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon, evolve the first one without the naming trick and then name the other two to fill the gaps, saving you one naming trick for the future.


One of the most heinous acts possible in Pokemon GO is putting a non-shiny Pokemon into an otherwise all shiny gym. Equally worse is putting a random Pokemon in a gym that’s currently all Eeveelutions. Don’t be that trainer. Make sure you collect enough shinies to be able to complete any local gyms! (This is all in jest and serves no strategic purposes, though some trainers may shy from defeating gyms where the players have taken time to fill out a theme.)

One last note on collecting; Eevee shares the incredibly low 12.5% female rate with other starter Pokemon. Unlike other starters which only require one evolution, dedicated collectors will want females for all possible Eeveelutions, so that’s worth keeping an eye on before sending all of your Eevee to Professor Willow.

The Technicals: Catch Rate and IV Checking

Eevee has a base catch rate of 40% which is unlikely to be affected by Community Day. New and returning players and also trainers without regular access to Eevee should definitely use this opportunity to stock up on Eevee candy as they’re some of the best Pokemon you can fill your battle parties with without the use of Rare Candy. Don’t just shiny check. Catch the Eevee too! At the very least this prevents you from shiny checking the same Eevee multiple times.

Our easy-to-use catch rate calculator can be found here if you’d like to do your own calculations. Here are the breakdowns for players with a Gold Normal badge. These calculations also assume maximum radius Great! throws. Your ability to reliably throw into smaller bonus radiuses may also increase throughout the day, increasing your catch rate.

  • Eevee levels 1-7 have an 89% chance or higher to be caught with a curved Poke Ball Great! Throw. Poke Ball Pinap anything under 146 CP and consider up to 189 CP.
  • Eevee level 12 and below have a 90% chance or higher to be caught with a curved Great Ball Great! Throw. Great Ball Pinap anything under 256 CP and consider up to 332 CP.
  • Eevee level 20 and below have a 90% chance or higher to be caught with a curved Ultra Ball Great! Throw. Ultra Ball Pinap anything under 428 CP and consider up to 553 CP.
  • Even a level 35 Eevee has an 82% chance to be caught per throw using a curved Great! Throw Ultra Ball, allowing for proficient throwers to utilize Pinap berries every throw.

Throwing with no bonus will eat through your resources faster making it worthwhile to learn how to consistently throw Great! Throws (+ video link) The following will result in a 90% catch rate with curveballs and no throw bonus;

  • Poke Ball Eevee levels 1-4 (78-101 CP and below)
  • Great Ball Eevee levels 8 and below (168-218 CP and below)
  • Ultra Ball Eevee levels 13 and below (278-359 CP and below)
  • Ultra Ball Razz Berry Eevee levels 25 and below (535-692 CP and below)
  • Great Ball Golden Razz Berries can be used on higher level Eevee to ensure a 90% catch rate per throw.

The following string can help you quickly check for any perfect IV Eevee;


Pokemon with these CP are not guaranteed to be 100% IV but this could help you narrow that search.

With this CD being 2 days and the evolve window lasting the entirety of the events, you can also IV check during the downtime in between the pair of 3-hour windows.

You can quickly check a Pokemon’s level by how much Star Dust it would cost to power up.

28/29 - 4500

30/31 - 5000

31/32 - 6000

33/34 - 7000

35 - 8000

High-level options are great and likely battle-ready if you’re not looking to spend Stardust though you’re likely to get plenty of Stardust and candy from this event. Many Eeveelutions are highly rated attackers and reasonable options for those short on Rare Candy.

Moving Forward

Eevee Community Day could mean a lot of things for the future of Community Day and Pokemon GO in general. It Is the first CD featured Pokemon that isn’t a 10 km egg or starter Pokemon… other than the fact that it will be a starter Pokemon with the release of Let’s Go Eevee! and used to be a part of the 10 km egg pool at the game’s launch two years ago. Still, this opens the door for other Pokemon to be included and receive a special day and shiny status. Eevee is also the first Pokemon featured with a future evolution, paving the way for Ralts, Rhyhorn, and other Pokemon with Gen 4 evolutions. It is time to explore the wonders of evolution! What that means is anyone’s guess. Though with a rumored Gen 4 evolution event on the horizon, I’ll keep my fingers crossed.