Legendary Raid Bosses


Not too much harder. We're already used to having to rejoin after dying, and having our mons 1 hit by undodgable Charged Moves.

Even though Groudon is easy to beat, my team (as well as everyone elses since I'm a pretty high level) usually gets wiped once. The timer is pretty fair since Exeggcutors and Gyarados have pretty high attack, and Clear weather makes the fight more interesting always.

Best part is everyone has high level Exeggcutors following the Weather Update.

Most players don't care, they just want legendaries given to them, then they can show them off on social media!!! Which is exactly what Niantic have done.

How can a legendary be taken down with three people? Ridiculous, but not if you're a noob who wants everything easy.

If you want a challenge GO is not the game for you, it's no challenge.

What is this intellectually challenging, highly cerebral, strategically intense video game, that would have the folks over at Mensa intrigued, that you speak of so frequently?

I agree. I'd like to feel like I've earned a legendary, rather than just plow through it easily. That's why I was curious if it would make all the difference if their stats remained untouched. But, maybe they wouldn't be, considering weather is now a thing.

It wouldn't make much difference tbh. The whole legendaries thing is designed to allow players to get an many as possible, as easily as possible, so they spend more coins on passes.

If they made legendaries challenging less people would spend coins ;)

Sadly, that's not part of the current game. It's about numbers. Get this many decent trainers, you barely win. Get a few more, it's not so hard. Add a few more, and it's easy. The game seems to be about how many people are or can be at a raid, not whether they are good or not.

Personally, I work to carry my weight. Powered up another Gyarados to deal with Groudon. I could have just gone in with 6 Vaporeon or 6 Exeggutors, and let the numbers carry me through the raid, but I want to contribute.

What baffles me the most is that they nerfed Ho-oh but not Lugia. How is that fair?

Because Lugia already has less than 4000CP and is literally having lower cp than tyranitar as well as attack on par with Raichu and being exceeded by Octillery. Any nerf on it will result in a very disappointing pokemon.

Lugia doesn't need a nerf. Ho-Oh has a high BST and good spread of stats, with a high attack stat. Ho-Oh got screwed out of STAB, but at least it carries some type-relevant moves. Lugia didn't get a Flying-quick move, and Psychic DPS remains with other Pokemon.

Lugia doesn't have the best Attack already in a game where Attack is king. It's my favorite Pokemon, though, and I love a defensive approach to things. I don't think Ho-Oh fulfills the same role, for it can put out a lot more damage and cover a few more types, albeit without STAB.

Have both of you forgotten that they are counter part legendaries? They should both be treated equally. The fact that their stats are so different shows how flawed the stat formula is in this game. What they should be fixing the formula not ruining every single legendary.

If they nerf Rayquaza, will he be still better than Dragonite/Salamence or worse?

This dudes a bit of a nutter but he answers ur question

Rayquaza with the 9% stat reduction will probably still be better than Dragonite/Salamence, but not by much. Its new max CP will most likely be either between Lugia's and Tyranitar's CP, or above Tyranitar's.

I mean hey, it's a free Dragon-type. You know how hard they usually are to find enough candies for. Also this one has the option of being double-Flying move synergy, an option we've yet to see in a potent attacker.