Call to Action: Granbull


In celebration of the Lunar New Year and the Year of the Dog, from 2/15 until 2/17 Pokemon GO is having increased spawns and 3x catch stardust for Eevee, Snubbull, Poochyena, Elektrike, and Growlithe. While this event has made players curious why Houndour was left out and if Eevee is really a Dog (Foxes are Family Canidae, but are Genus Vulpus not Canine), it’s important to highlight how this event can be useful. With Rayquaza currently available as a raid boss and the future Gen 3 Legendaries, Latios and Latias, to consider, it could be useful to keep an eye out for high level Snubbles over the next 2 days.


Optimal Movesets: Snarl or Bite + Play Rough

  • Bite and Snarl are close, but Snarl more often comes out on top.
  • Play Rough is ideal on Granbull due to STAB and type coverage vs. Dragon, Fighting, and Dark-types.
  • Crunch can work, but there are better Dark-type attackers to choose from.
  • Close Combat lacks utility without STAB or type synergy with fast moves.



When looking at Granbull’s value as a Dragon-type counter, it is immediately compared to the Fairy Queen Supreme, Gardevoir. Considering that Gardevoir itself isn’t immediately deployable against Dragon-types, only being notably useful against Dragon-type movesets, promoting Granbull is even more questionable. What Granbull lacks in overall performance, it makes up for in niche usefulness and being very common with the Lunar New Year event.

While common Ice-type Pokemon such as Cloyster and Piloswine are undoubtedly top picks against Rayquaza, they have trouble tolerating Outrage at lower levels. Trainers who havn’t benefited from weather boosted Ice-type spawns and aren’t looking to invest a lot of stardust into Rayquaza counters may find the Outrage set particularly abusive on their revives. In this particular raid and situation, Granbull steps up, able to tolerate two Outrages in a row at level 31 while still maintaining a respectable damage output with Play Rough.

Latios and Latias

In the future Latios and Latias raids, Granbull stands out more. Thanks to the Lati-twin’s Psychic sub-typing, they only have a single weakness to Ice-type damage compared to the doubled up weakness Rayquaza, Salamence, and Dragonite have. Consequently, this makes the duo vulnerable to Dark-type damage. This is boon for Granbull since both of its fast moves are Dark-type, but also invites Tyranitar as competition.

Against Dragon Claw movesets, Granbull stands behind the Dark-type Tyrant, but manages to best most of the competition thanks to its super effective hits and immunity tier resistance to Dragon-type damage. While Granbull can’t compete with Dragonite, Rayquaza, and Salamence’s DPS without a weather boost, all three fall quickly to the 3-bar charge move Dragon Claw, making them less reliable than Granbull, especially at lower levels. Just to reiterate, Granbull isn’t a top pick in either of these fights or against all movesets, but is a great budget option for players looking for reliable back up against their hardest movesets. If cloudy days are common in your area, it can be even cooler!


The Lunar New Year has brought an interesting surprise in Pokemon GO. While the increased Eevee spawns, a new shiny, and 3x catch stardust is all exciting, the increased prevalence of Snubbull is great too! Considering the trouble Outrage Rayquaza can give less prepared and smaller raid parties and the future Latios and Latias raids, you may want to hold onto multiple copies of this grumpy doggo. To reiterate, Granbull has most value against Dragon-type damaging movesets and in cloudy weather. Overall, Granbull is not a top pick in these raids, but rather a very useful, budget option against their hardest movesets. Instead of investing stardust into Granbull, consider investing roughly 6 spots in your Pokemon storage for high level Play Rough iterations of them.