At the end of October, Niantic introduced the Adventure Sync feature for Pokemon GO. Through integration with fitness apps Google Fit and Apple Health, players will now be able to track their steps while the game is offline! Through this integration, you can hatch Eggs, earn Buddy candy, and earn rewards. Here's what you need to know about how to get the most out of this feature.

How it Works

To begin using this feature, first you must install Apple Health or Google Fit. Through these apps, you can set up fitness goals and track metrics such as weight loss. After the initial installation and set up is complete, you can enable Adventure Sync in the Settings menu. You can also set push notifications related to Adventure Sync(e.g. get a phone notification for eggs about to hatch). Now, you're ready to walk!


Once that is done, new information will be available to view when you look at your trainer profile. Below the Buddy, Journal, and Style buttons now has a "Weekly Progress" section. All your metrics for the week are stored here. Weekly rewards roll over on Monday at 9:00 AM in your local timezone.


The rewards for reaching the goals as reported by TheSilphRoad team are:

Distance Rewards
5km 20 Poke Ball
25km 10 Great Ball, 500 Stardust or 1 Rare Candy or 1 5km Egg
50km 5 Ultra Ball, 1500 Stardust or 3 Rare Candy or 1 5km/10km Egg

Rewards gained stack on each other. So, reaching the 25km will also grant the 5km rewards, and reaching 50km grants the 5km, 25km, and 50km rewards. Initial testing on r/TheSilphRoad seems to indicate that Gen 4 Pokemon are commonly found in the 25km and 50km Egg rewards. Players have encountered Riolu, Shinx, and the Gen 4 starters at a much-increased rate. (There are two reports of a Feebas and a Tangela being hatched as well but these may be false.) Here are the Gen 4 Pokemon that have been found: