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Trainer Level Rewards
Experience Statistics
CP Multiplier
Gym Overview and Strategy
Damage Mechanics
Gym Combat Mechanics
Gym Motivation: What You Should Know
Evolving and Powering up Pokémon
Pokémon Spawn Zones
Power Leveling and XP Tips
Hatching Eggs
Pokemon Appraisal
How to Dodge
Item Guides
Pinap VS Golden? The Best Ways of Getting Candy from Raid Bosses
How to Gain Stardust / Are Incubators Important?
Single Bar vs Multi Bar Charge Moves
New Discoveries in the Theory of Battle Mechanics
Gen 3 Pokemon GO Research
Overview of the New Gen 3 Ice/Water Pokemon
Star Pieces: Maximizing Your Stardust Gains
Rumors and Speculation
Starter Guide for New Trainers
Tips, Tricks & Easter Eggs
How To Get the Most Out of Pokemon Tier Lists
A Detailed Guide to Pokemon Sorting
January 2018 Item Box Analysis
Moveset Grades Explanation
Throw Techniques for Catching a Legendary Raid Boss
Countering Mewtwo And Mewtwo’s Place in the Meta
Countering the Legendary Beasts and their Place in the Meta
The Safest Pokemon Bets for Gen 3
How Good Are the New Gen 3 Ghost Pokemon?
The Glass Cannons of Gen 3
Ho-Oh and Its Place in the Meta
Gen 3 Initial Pokemon Analysis
Comparison - Machamp and Hariyama
Groudon’s Place in the Meta
Pokemon GO Community Day
Countering Kyogre and its Place in the Meta
Notable Gen 3 Desert Pokemon and Countering Aggron
Weather Boosts
Potion and Revive Management - How to Save Your Potions and Revives
Spawn Mechanics
S2 Cells: A Foundation of Pokemon GO Design
Regional Pokemon List
Attackers Tier List
Tier 3 Raid Solo Guide
A Guide on Breakpoints
Meta Analysis of Gym Defense
Best Attackers by Type
History of Grass-types in Pokemon GO
A Guide on Battle Parties
Best Attacker by Type (Non-Legendary)
History of Water Types in Pokemon GO
A Guide on Bulkpoints
A Basic Guide to Open Street Maps
Pokemon GO Glossary
Density and Gym Meta: Low-Density Areas
Density and Gym Meta: High-Density Areas
Density and Gym Meta: Medium-Density Areas
How EX Raids Were Triggered
Legacy Special Box List
Countering Rayquaza and its Place in the Meta
History of Dragon Types in Pokemon GO
Gen 3 Sky Pokemon: Salamence, Metagross, and New Raid Bosses
Call to Action: Granbull
Guide to Using Incense
Community Day February 2018 Guide
How to Train Your Dragon
Giovanni's Nidoking Raid Guide
The Pokemon GOlympics - A Unique Way to Engage and Educate Your Community
Premier Ball Bonuses for Raid Damage Contribution
Maximizing XP: Tips, Tricks, and Reminders
Future Legends: Lati-Twins, Regis, and Deoxys
The Supreme Point and Its Applications
Countering Lugia and Sky Attack's Changes
Community Day March 2018 Guide
DPS * DPE: Exploring Better Ways to Rank Charged Moves
Research Tasks List
Frenzy Plant and Grass-Type Attackers
Building a Battle-Ready Alt
Countering the Lati-Twins and Their Use in the Meta
Reliably Making Better Throws
Maximizing Candy from Raid Bosses: Pinap or Golden Razz?
They Could've Been Giants: Gen 1 Underperformers
Building a Team with the Kanto Celebration
Mewvesets and Their Place in the Meta
Dragon Pulse Ampharos and Mega Evolutions
Tier 5 Raid Small Group Guide
Is Aggron as Bad as Blissey?
Top 10 Pokemon in Gen 4 to Look For
A GamePress Debate: Should You Use Rare Candy on Blissey?
Blast Burn Charizard and Its Place in the Meta
Community Day May 2018 Guide (Updated for Item Boxes)
Blast Burn 2: The Update
Alolan Pokemon: What You Should Know
A History of Rock-Types in Pokemon GO
Making the Most of Adventure Week 2018
Alolan Exeggutor: Facts & Analysis
Welcome Back: A Guide for Returning Players
The Starter Pokemon and Their Exclusive Moves: An Analysis
The Return of Kyogre
Community Day June 2018 Guide
Maximizing Incubators: Egg Hatching Strategy Guide